According to Grogan, who built the tub with the help of his 5-year-old daughter, “We had the paddling pool up one hot day and it just looked rubbish sat in the corner on its own, so I was thinking of a way to tidy it up. By chance I had an 8ft trampoline frame in the garden so thought I’d try using that and it was the perfect fit.”

Grogan, who had no plan or point of reference for building a hot tub like this, completed the project over the course of a week.

Grogan told Lad Bible, “I bought some wood and had some old polycarbonate sheets that I used for the roof.”

He continued, “I had the frame from the trampoline and the sheets from the roof already. The pool was £25 the wood was around £70; the main money was spent on the heater, the filter and bubble machine which came to around £100.”

As you can see, Grogan took this project very seriously, and he put a lot of effort into making sure he’d have a hot tub that he could be proud of.

Once the hot tub was complete, he even added some very cool lighting that he could control from his iPhone.

Although this probably isn’t how most people would want to spend a week off from work, it looks like it may have been worth it for Grogan. At least now, when he has a long day at work, he’ll have somewhere cool and comfortable to relax.

This just goes to show that a little bit of creativity really does go a long way.

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