We can’t say this enough (because it’s true), but one of the best things about the Internet is the ability for artists to share with people from all over the world. From music to short films to art, social media has given creative people an outlet for spreading their talent, skill, and passion. Nikita Golubev is one of these talented artists.

Nikita is a Moscow-based illustrator who uses dirty trucks and cars as the backdrop of his art. While some of the 14 images you’re about to see were created on the fly, others were commissioned by the vehicle’s owner. Either way, his imagination and talent come through in every one. Take a look below…

1. He’s Definitely Original

We only have one question: How did this truck get this dirty?

2. His Art Tells A Story

This truck has a dinosaur skeleton in the foreground, but behind it, you can see the modern skyline of a city.

3. Sending A Message?

This piece shows the pollution from factories with a person wearing a mask. It’s ironic he used a dirty truck as his canvas.

4. Down For The Count

Our cat-loving friend has returned.

5. Shark Attack

It’s amazing how Nikita uses shading to replicate the sun’s rays shining into the ocean.


Source – All Images

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