When you hear the term “depression,” there are a few automatic reactions. We envision someone who is sad all the time, who mopes around hopelessly, trying their best to tie into the real world while lost in their own inner battle. The symptoms can be so severe that they cause hallucinations and other horrors. They can also be very misunderstood, especially by a society which likes to see things in blatant, black and white terms. Of course, mental health is not so easy to explain. It’s much more complicated than that.

Maybe that’s why Polish artist Dawid Planeta uses GRAY as his main color scheme in his work. The illustrator has battled with depression for years and has taken to drawing up his thoughts as one incredibly creepy narrative. In Planeta’s mental world, he is adrift in a dark jungle. There, his fears and failures manifest themselves as dangerous beasts with brightly glowing eyes. The final product is enigmatic and engaging, if not a tad bit frightening. Take a look at the entire gallery to get the idea.

The Rhino Waits


The Goldfish Floats


The Deer Watches Over It All


Seeing Things Up Close


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