Deadpool 2 is finally in theaters after what seems like an eternity since we last saw the Regenerating Degenerate telling everyone to “Go home” ala Ferris Buehler (and dropping the Cable bomb on everyone – Sorry, it’s not Kiera Knightly). It wasn’t an eternity, it was actually just 27 months. But that time was spent by fans wondering what Ryan Reynolds and crew had planned for the sequel considering they were working with a much bigger budget for the second go ’round.

It turns out that everything got bigger and better and we’re not just talking about the budget or the cast. The promotional push for Deadpool 2 has been going pretty strong for the better part of a year, thanks largely in part to the King of Twitter, Ryan Reynolds.  He’s released trailers, movie posters, and even had a little fun with his soon-to-be new bosses over at Disney.

Maybe nothing has been more anticipated than the arrival of Cable and the introduction of the X-Force. Coincidently, Reynolds has already said there likely won’t be a Deadpool 3 so if you’re expecting a trilogy, you’re not in luck. Speaking of luck, the X-Force movie starts shooting in the fall and from early reviews, Zazie Beetz as Domino is fantastic.

But before all of the hype for the X-Force movie starts ramping up, let’s focus on the hype for Deadpool 2

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