Nothing is perfect. You can’t make an omelet, as they say, without breaking a few eggs. Everything is trial and error – there’s just less of both once you get the hang of things. Movies, however, are different. We walk in to see the final “vision” of the filmmaker (or studio, or star) and we fail to see the hours of outtakes, mistakes, and fumbles that come with the cinematic territory.

Deadpool Was A Massive R-Rated Superhero Hit



Luckily, some directors decide to gather up the goofs and put them together in a “blooper” reel. Sometimes, this is only for the production’s eyes only. In other instances – and thanks mostly to DVD and Blu-ray – the accidental comedy is available to anyone who buys the product. As a result, we have the chance to view what happens behind the scenes, as well as to experience the alternate takes it took to create a scene.

And A Sequel Is On The Way



This time around, we are lost in the wicked and wacky world of that Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds’ love letter to the funnier, sunnier side of the superhero genre (no doom and gloom darkness to be found here), was a big hit with fans, and as the bloopers show, it was also a fun time on the set. Between T.J. Miller’s improvs and the star’s own silliness, the entire production plays like a huge party that, somehow, managed to become a movie along the way.

Until Then, We Can Enjoy The Mistakes They Made While Making It



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