Losing a loved one to an illness is never an easy thing. Whether the passing happens suddenly or a slower gradual pace, the pain we feel is tremendous. Most people can relate, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who can’t relate, then count your blessings.

It’s never easy to lose a parent or grandparent, but the majority of us will have to deal with that loss at some point in our lives. For parents, there’s no greater pain than losing your child. It isn’t something that is supposed to happen, so when a family in the Philippines lost their three-year-old girl, the pain was severe. That is, until a miracle happened.

While at the funeral for their little girl, who was pronounced dead two days prior after suffering from an uncontrollable fever, a neighbor of the family opened the little girl’s casket to adjust the child. While doing so, the neighbor noticed the girl’s head move. Her parents rushed in, only to realize that the toddler wasn’t actually dead at all.

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