It’s the year 2018 and technologically speaking, we’ve come a long way in the last 100 years. Inventions that were once thought to be preposterous are now a part of our daily lives. If you could talk to your great great grandfather and tell him that millions of people own an automobile and fly in airplanes, well, you’d first have to explain what both of those things are.

After you got that out of the way, he would probably be interested to know how this was accomplished. You could recite the entire story of the Wright Brothers and their flight at Kitty Hawk and how Henry Ford changed the world when he established the first power-driven assembly line. There’s a good chance you’d blow his mind and rightfully so.

Even when your grandparents were your age, they never imagined that you could watch TV and movies on a phone you carry around in your pocket. Kind of makes it a little easier to understand why so many seniors aren’t technologically inclined, doesn’t it? More so, your grandkids will eventually look at you the same way 40 years from now when A.I. has infiltrated every home.

Some could argue it already has (Alexa, anyone?) but for all intents and purposes, we’re nowhere near where many believe we can go with it. The thought of A.I. kind of creeps people out with some claiming it could actually be dangerous. The biggest concern is that artificial intelligence could replace humans but one Spanish automaker has already done that with robots.

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