It’s been around since 1903. It was originally part of a newspaper promotion. It’s occurred annually since then, except in the case of the two World Wars. It lasts for 23 days and covers over 2200 miles of the French countryside. So even with the addition of a little “pharmaceutical help,” anyone attempting the Tour De France needs to be in prime physical shape.

This Is Pawel Poljanski


Even with a team of up to nine riders, you have to be able to tackle all manner of terrain with the peak athletic endurance such a contest creates. Of course, the sport has been hit with lots of scandals in the last few years, tarnishing the already tentative reputation of the Tour itself. Heck, even Lance Armstrong has admitted to aiding his performance in order to survive the race’s ridiculous physical needs.

He’s A Rider In The Tour De France


Still, there are those who do it without said supplements, and the toll it takes on their body is incredible. It goes beyond a mere three days a week at the local Crunch outlet. So when Polish cyclist Pawel Poljanski decided to share a picture of his legs after a particularly grueling phase of the race, one should have expected to see some well toned thighs and calves. What they got instead was the scary image of Poljanski’s incredibly veiny games. Like uber-bodybuilder veiny. Nay, superhero human veiny.

And These Are His Legs


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