She’s the daughter of the late, great King of Pop. He was her dad’s BFF, a fixture in his private and professional life (he is ALL OVER the video for “Black and White”) and actually became her godfather when she was born. Now Macaulay Culkin and Paris Jackson as BFFs, and recently cemented their close connection in a very post-modern way.

They Are Friends Til The End


Over the weekend, the 36-year-old former child star and the 19-year-old Princess of Pop headed out to a tattoo parlor and got matching ink. 0In commemoration of Michael’s untimely death, the duo underwent the needle and, when the artist was done, both shared a similar design. As you can see on the photos Paris posted on Instagram, the image is an unusual black and white pattern with a loop at the top.

He Knew Her Father Very Well


The only difference between the one Jackson received and the one now being warn by Culkin is that hers runs up her arm, while his runs downward. For Jackson, body art is nothing new. She now spouts a self-proclaimed 51 pieces of personal expression, many in tribute to her famous father. Culkin is a little less familiar with the tattoo parlor. He has a few, but there’s no final tally on how many.

And When She Was Born, He Became Her Godfather


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