Do you remember what you did for your 18th birthday? If you’ve over a certain age, the memories are probably a little fuzzy. But if there’s one thing you can remember about your 18th birthday party, it’s that it sure as hell didn’t cost $4 million dollars.

Shoot, most of us don’t have $4 million to spend on ANYTHING never mind a birthday party. But for personal injury attorney Thomas J. Henry, money ain’t a thing – especially when it came to his son’s 18th birthday.

Last week, Henry dropped $4 million on his son, Thomas Jr.’s, birthday party, and it was a star studded affair.

According to USA, the “party was held at the illustrious Hotel Discotheque lounge in San Antonio. The event was produced by celebrity production designer Dylan Marer, who put together a Gatsby-mixed-with-burlesque theme complete with showgirls, aerial performers, art installations and contortionists.”

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