Everyone loves a good prank. Some of us, more than others and it usually depends on if we’re the prank-puller or prank-victim. There are even people whose sole income is based off pulling pranks on YouTube and other social media outlets. And of course, there’s been a hit MTV show or two completely based on pranks, which led to a few movies.

Most of the time, pranks involved friends. You’re not going to risk a perfect stranger taking your prank seriously and you end up punched or in jail. People have gone that route before and it just didn’t end well. Keep it amongst friends and there shouldn’t be any real backlash aside from a prank being pulled on you.

The best ones are when it’s a couple. Some may go a little far and others are more one-sided and you honestly can’t figure out how they’re still together. Like Brad Holmes and Jenny Davies, for instance. But they make it work, so who are we to judge?

An ordinary couple pulled a prank recently that they thought would be hilarious but it didn’t turn out as well as they hoped. To be fair, Sheriden says it was all her boyfriend Andy’s idea.

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