For the homeless, it’s a main priority. Sure, food, money, health, and safety all play factors in their hard knock existence, but shelter stands as the biggest problem they face. Find a decent place to camp out and stay and you can tend to the other issues. Spend each night out in the elements, with barely anything to cover yourself with, and the elements take their toll on you – quickly and decisively.

Some Would Think It’s Disgusting


Perhaps this is why, for over two decades, a man in Colombia has chosen to live in an abandoned sewer. Actually more of a concrete bunker than an actual working waste disposal unit (in the US, we’d call these things septic tanks), the man and his wife, along with a dog companion, have made the hole in the ground their home for the last 22 years. Miguel Restrepo used to be a drug addict, and worked as a “public recycler” before bad health sidelined him.

But For This Couple, It’s Home Sweet Home


Now, he spends time in his makeshift domicile, with his wife Maria Garcia by his side. The space is not very big – about 65 square feet, and it is barely four and a half feet high. That means you cannot stand up inside, but that hasn’t stopped the couple. They have a bed, a stove, and a pantry. They use a fan to cool things off in the stifling Colombian summers and even have access to TV and radio. The only thing they don’t have – oddly enough – is running water and a bathroom.

And They Couldn’t Be Happier Living In It


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