Controversial television personalities are nothing new in media ratings. In fact, the more controversial, the better. It goes along with the ol’ adage, “Any press is good press,” which has been said in the entertainment industry for decades. Today, the louder, ruder, and more outrageous you are, the more clicks you get on social media, which drives people to your show, which makes the big wigs at the boardroom table happy.

It also keeps publicists with plenty of job security.

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Tomi Lahren is a great example. She’s young, vibrant, blonde, and beautiful – and she’s one of the most controversial conservative personalities in media. Tomi is so controversial she was fired from The Blaze over making some abortion remarks her boss, (also a conservative pundit) Glenn Beck, didn’t like. She now makes regular appearances on Fox News – like she did earlier this week when she allegedly kicked her dog five times or so on live TV.

PETA is equally as controversial as Tomi is and has just as many beefs with people, but the two are in a bit of a standoff of sorts after Tomi posted about the incident on Instagram and PETA, like many others, took exception to Tomi’s video.

Lahren appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends morning talk show Tuesday and seemed a little jittery throughout the segment. She can be seen shifting in her seat several times throughout the hit and it does appear that something is distracting her under her desk.

Take A Look:

Tomi had no shame telling everyone with Internet access why she couldn’t sit still.  She point-blank posted a video saying her tiny pup was chewing so loudly she was forced to “kick her about five times” during the Fox & Friends spot.

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