David Icke is a former English soccer player and sports broadcaster who is now an author and public speaker. He’s also a self-proclaimed “conspiracy theorist” and he’s actually quite good at it.

His most famous conspiracy is that of shape-shifting reptilian humanoids running around controlling Earth. He’s written 20 books on the topic, trying to convince the rest of us that the Clintons, the royal family, and even behind secret societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati.


The thing about Icke is, he doesn’t come across as a yahoo or wacko. He delivers his conspiracies as if he’s a college professor teaching a class on quantum physics.

He’s articulate and thoughtful; he just happens to believe that the moon is a command center for “extraterrestrial groups” – of course, including the reptilians – and that this world is nothing we were told it is.


While he was enjoying a career as a successful BBC sports broadcaster and spokesperson for Britain’s Green Party when his life changed forever.

He was on holiday (as the Brits like to say) on the Isle of Wright, playing with his eldest son outside a local gift shop when he claims he heard a “very strong voice” tell him to go look at the books inside the shop.


Icke describes the “transformative” voice as a “thought form” and says it guided him to a book written by psychic Betty Shine. Icke read the book in less than 24 hours and eventually met Shine, who told Icke he was destined to do great things:

“She told me I would go out on the world stage and reveal great secrets; that there was a story which had to be told.

“I started to see what was really happening, and that’s when this synchronistic coincidence sequence really kicked in. And that’s when I went on The Wogan Show…”

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