It reads like something out of an old school sci-fi novel, the kind of specious shape of things to come that get both freedom loving rebels and conspiracy theory believing activists up in arms. Ever since George Orwell created the oppressive cautionary tale 1984, the fringe has been afraid that the whole concept of Big Brother and of a society spying on your every thought and move would become a reality. We’ve even seen political parties embrace the notion of doing all that they can to get the government out of our business.

It’s Like Something Out Of 1984


One of the main Tea Party talking points has always been the idea of “being microchipped.” You see these stories coming across your social media feed all the time. Usually premised in the name of the War on Terror, the basic outline sees Uncle Sam and his rogue minions mandating that every citizen be implanted with a computer chip filled with all of your personal information – social security number, birthdate, medical history, financial status, etc. It would also have the ability to track and monitor your actions, movements, and location…AT ALL TIMES.

The Idea Of People Being Implanted With Microchips


Of course, there are those who scoff at the mere suggestion of such micromanaged surveillance. They believe that no company or organization would dare offer such an option for the populace, let along require them to “wear” one. Well, there’s a business in Wisconsin that believes its employees would love a “high tech” way to clock in and out, pay for snacks, and do other work-related business. Yes, this is real. No, this is not some fake news nonsense.

Now This Company Wants To Make It A Reality


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