By now you’ve seen college commencement pics and videos posted on your social media accounts. You may be even the one who was just handed your college degree – if so, kudos. It’s a proud moment for not only the graduate but for the parents and family members. A lot of time, effort, and money went into that piece of paper so wear it like a badge of honor!

Of course, some may have had an easier time getting theirs than others. There are some people who seem to have photographic memories; every word of every lecture memorized, every formula seen embedded into their brain, every lit page meticulously recorded in the annals of their mind. They never need to cram or pull all-nighters. They just “get it.”

These folks are definitely in the minority. Most people have to work their butts off to pull a B. They spend hours reading the same material over and over and still need help to get through. Some just need to put in extra blood, sweat, and tears to be able to walk across the stage on graduation day. Studying comes easier for some than others but everyone who is handed a diploma should be proud they made it.

Everyone except Jaron Myers. Jaron is a comedian who thought it would be fun to try and pull off the ultimate prank – getting a diploma from a college he was never enrolled in.

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