Comedian Steve Brown is used to hecklers – it goes along with being a stand-up comic.

But what he isn’t used to was an audience member rushing the stage and assaulting him. That is, until last Thursday when that happened to him in a Columbia, S.C. comedy club.

Brown was on stage doing his comedy routine when he noticed a guy in the audience was not feeling his act. The man allegedly didn’t laugh or show any sign of enjoying Brown’s jokes.

This is basically begging the comic on stage to mess with you.


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According to Tumika LaSha, a witness at the Comedy House in Columbia who recorded the attack, Brown asked his would-be assaulter what was up.

“I just remember the comedian asked the guy what was his problem,” LaSha said. “The comedian asked, ‘What’s wrong?’ He just shook his head like, move on to somebody else.”

LaSha says that Brown then asked the man why he came to a comedy show if he wasn’t going to laugh. That’s what LaSha said her table got knocked over and their food flew everywhere.

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