Playing the lottery is one of those mindless acts we do that cost us a couple of bucks at the convenient store. If we’re lucky, we win the $2 we spent back and break even. If we’re really lucky, we actually turn a few dollars profit.

One man went to a local store to collect his $600 lottery winnings but was handed $5 instead. He returned to serve the clerk some brutal justice which she’s still paying for.


A South Florida man went into a Winn-Dixie store to cash in his $600 winning ticket. The woman behind the counter, Crystelle Baton, checked the ticket then told the man it was only worth $5.

She handed him a five dollar bill from her purse and kept his ticket.


When the man left, Crystelle was pretty proud of herself for the $595 scam she just successfully executed or so she thought.

The man returned a few minutes later and things quickly went south for the clerk.


It turns out the man wasn’t just an ordinary customer and he certainly wasn’t a lottery winner. He actually worked undercover for the Florida Lottery Commission’s security division.


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