When you consider how lax many of the regulations are, when you see how other countries treat this type of entertainment, you have to wonder why this doesn’t happen more often. Oh sure – you’ll hear defenders argue that “safety” is a chief concern and that all the performers – including those with more than two legs – are trained and tolerant of the audiences watching them.

This Is Not Right



Still, we are talking about wild animals here, and since the US is getting out of the circus business (the the long standing Ringling Bros. And Barnum And Bailey extravaganza recently shuttered its doors), it is clear that the concerns voiced by PETA and others will now turn to those who run localized shows in places like Russia, Poland, and other former Iron Curtain countries.

Neither Is This


Of course, we are talking about animal attacks, except this time, the beast did not target it’s trainer, but the crowd instead. Over in the former USSR, a circus featuring a performing bear, saw the bruin break free and run rampant through the audience. Since this is 2017, someone pulled out their phone to capture the mayhem, and the video is a combination of horror and barely watchable found footage shakes.

No Wonder These Animals Are Angry




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