Dykstra made a few claims about his former buddy, including that Sheen is currently under federal investigation for tax and wire fraud and that the actor is about to be prosecuted for sleeping with various women without disclosing he was HIV-positive.

The most damning claim was that Sheen arranged the murder of his former assistant Rick Calamaro.

Calamaro was found dead in July 2012 and the autopsy revealed that he had high levels of the powerful opioid Fentanyl in his system. Calamaro was suffering from depression and had been taking a mixture of meds to treat both pain and anxiety.

The medical examiner concluded, “Based on the history and circumstances as currently, the manner of death is accident.”

Dykstra says it was no accident.


Dykstra told THR that Calamaro was writing a tell-all book about Sheen which is the actor’s motive for having his former assistant “iced.”

Before serving time for grand theft auto and filing a false financial statement, Dykstra claims he told Sheen about Calamaro’s book.

“Before I went [to jail], I said, ‘Dude, this guy, he is writing a f***ing book, you got to fire him.'”

Dykstra says when he was released from prison, he found out about Calamaro’s overdose and confronted Sheen about what happened.

“‘You mean Dead Rick? What f***ing happened is the motherf***er tried to blackmail me just like you said — wanted $5 million,'” Dykstra claims.

“‘I had him f***ing iced. I had a hot dose put in there.'”

“Hot dose” is a slang term for a mixture of battery acid and the drug of choice prepared for injection intravenously by an unsuspecting victim, who is usually a junkie.

Dykstra has no proof of Sheen’s involvement in Calamaro’s death and Sheen’s lawyer, Shane Bernand, explicitly denies Dykstra’s claims and added that the ex-con has a “laundry list of crimes” which demonstrates Dykstra’s “disturbing, vile and outright ridiculous claims” cannot be trusted.

Tony Todd, a longtime friend of Sheen, also adds that if the actor did arrange for the murder, he wouldn’t tell Dykstra about it.

Sheen has struggled publicly for seven years since giving a notoriously bizarre interview to ABC back in 2011. Although Sheen has wrestled with many demons in his life, Dykstra’s claims will be refuted by many close to the actor in the next coming weeks.

Sheen Explains How His Meltdown Began To Conan O’Brien:

Sheen admitted in August 2017 on the TODAY Show that he was, in fact, HIV-positive after years of denying it as well as several lawsuits filed against him by former lovers.

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