Charlie Sheen is one of the most notorious roller coaster cases in Hollywood.

Although Sheen took minor roles in movies in the late 70’s and early 80’s, it wasn’t until 1986 when his career took off.

That year, he starred in Lucas, had a small, yet memorable role, in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and was part of the ensemble cast of the critically acclaimed Platoon.

Things were only looking up from there.


Sheen acted in dramas like Wall Street and Young Guns, but he turned his attention to comedies where he thrived. In 1989, Sheen played Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn in Major League (and its sequel), and was on top of the world.

He would go on to win a Golden Globe for his work on Spin City and had an incredible run – and infamous fall – on Two and a Half Men.


It was Sheen’s portrayal of baseball players (he was also in Eight Men Out) that helped him bond with Lenny Dykstra, an outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies in the 90’s. The two met and became fast friends over a bottle of wine at Sheen’s Malibu crib in 1993.

Sheen was known as a partying playboy and Dykstra’s reputation wasn’t much better. It was a bromance that would last two decades.


It’s also this now-former close friend that told The Hollywood Reporter Sheen’s deepest, darkest secrets.

One of which is that the actor had someone murdered.

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