Going through a break up can be tough. No matter the reason for the split, it’s always hard to adjust to not having someone in your life anymore.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Let Go

This is something that Rebecca Hernandez and her ex Frankie know all too well. After getting married in 2012, the couple found themselves hitting a rough patch which caused them to split.

They’ve been separated for the last two years, and probably believed they had no chance of being together again.

However, life has a funny way of working things out.

Am I Right, Or Am I Right?

After the break up, Frankie has remained a good father to the couple’s son – an adopted dog named Apollo. Every year, Frankie sends a card and a gift to Apollo.


This year, Rebecca decided to post about the heartwarming gift on Twitter, and now the entire Internet is invested in the couple’s relationship.

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