For most of the world, the World Cup is their Super Bowl. Here in the States, soccer/football isn’t as popular as it is in Europe or South America which isn’t a secret. However, with the U.S. not even making the cut to play in the tournament, interest for this year’s World Cup is much less than it was four years ago when the U.S. Men’s National Team had a solid run.

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of soccer/football fans in North America who are rooting for other countries. England and Germany seem to be two of the faves, according to social media, with Twitter having a meltdown after Toni Kroos’ unbelievable goal in the 90th minute of Saturday’s Germany-Sweden match. You’ve probably seen the highlight a hundred times but the view from the stands is even more impressive:

However, some things have not been as impressive over in Russia. Aside from the normal FIFA controversies that plague the sport globally, the 2018 World Cup has seen its own share of problems over the last couple weeks.

Technology is the second biggest bug in the tournament. Several services, including a widespread issue in Australia, is preventing many carriers from being able to deliver a dependable and non-interrupted stream. Sounds frustrating, right? Well, it’s nowhere near as frustrating as the No. 1 problem that’s plagued the World Cup which is the overwhelming number of female reporters being sexually harassed and assaulted as they’re just trying to do their job on the world’s biggest stage.

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