For most people, just getting a chance to attend a sporting event they love would be a dream come true. Actually being able to participate in that event would be something even more incredible.

The latter is something most people will never get to do, but for one lucky MMA fan, it became the opportunity of a lifetime.

Recently, 22-year-old, Luis Felipe Alvim, and his girlfriend went to an MMA fight in Brazil with plans to sell brownies outside of the venue in hopes of being able to afford tickets.

Although they didn’t sell enough brownies to buy tickets, they ended up using some of their savings to buy their way into the event.

But once they entered the venue, they realized the fight was at risk of being cancelled because one of the contenders did not make weight.

According to Unilad, “Alvim, a black belt in muay thai and blue belt in jiu-jitsu, went into the locker to pay a visit to his coach, Felipe Siva, as well as his friends who were also competing the same night.

After hearing about the main event situation from the group, he volunteered himself to replace Kall but discovered a solution had already been found.”

As with most good stories, there’s a plot twist, and 40 minutes before the fight was schedule to start, Alvim received the offer of a life time.

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