A Russian family of four is recovering after leaping from the deadly flames of a fifth floor fire in their apartment complex. As the infernos’ terrifying fury began to engulf the building and destroy any routes to safety, Vitaly knew he had to act quickly to save his wife and two small children.

Their Baby Had To Leap From The Burning Building First

As the crowd of about 20 below looked on in terror, the desperate father knew he had no choice but to toss his children and wife out of the window in hopes they would survive the deadly fire. The first child he sent out the window was his 11-month-old Zhenyu, who suffers from a heart condition.

After Their Second Child Came His Wife Elena

Next to go was their second child Xenia and then his wife Elena. Thankfully bystanders were able to brace themselves to catch his family. After he knew they were safely outside, Vitaly took the final leap himself after making the sign of the cross twice and saying a prayer.

His Terrifying Moment Was Also Captured


Thankfully, he survived the fall but is recuperating in an area hospital after sustaining several injuries. Although it’s unclear what started the fire, the family is just grateful to be alive after such a harrowing ordeal.

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