He is only 11-years-old, and yet this boy from Indonesia is not your typical kid. Indeed, Ayra is different from his peers. He eats up to five meals a day, and has gained a significant amount of weight for someone his age. He’s not even a teenager yet and still he pushes the scales at over 450 pounds. His parents have tried to limit his food intake, but as with most children, he pitches a fit when he doesn’t get his way.

This Is 11-Year-Old Ayra



This means more and more food, and more and more pounds. It has gotten to the point where Ayra’s size cannot be handled by his still growing frame. He has missed school because of it, and now has to be bathed outdoors because he cannot fit in any facility. Clothes are hard to come by, so he usually spends time naked, with just a sarong wrapped around him for decency.

This Is How He Bathes



His parents are desperate to do something about this, and doctors tried. They put Ayra on a diet, but he refused to follow it. More packets of noodles. More liters of sugary soda. More numbers on the scale. Then the medical team opted to perform surgery on the boy, reducing the size of his stomach. That seemed to work…at first. Before and after treatment he lost over 62 pounds, but…

And He’s Getting To Big To Enjoy His Life



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