It’s happening with more and more regularity. Hardly a day goes by when your social media feed isn’t full of stories like it. We like to think we have a handle on the problem, and we like to believe that awareness and activism will result in a reduction – or even an end – to the practice. And still we see it. Cases of children and teens being bullied, followed by incidents of desperation…and death.

Sam Was Loved By His Family


The most recent victim – a 14-year-old boy from the UK. Old enough for to be a high school student, hi life is just beginning. They are facing a world of questions and concerns, and one of them should not be the experience of having another classmate harass and/or harm them. But that’s what happened to little Sam Abel. So he killed himself in order to make a point.

He Even Got A Chance To Hang Out With Royalty


According to his classmates, Sam was a relentless target by those who need to make others feel inferior so that they have a better view of themselves. His mother said his “good grades” were the reason he was being picked on, but we all know that’s not the whole story. He was bombarded with social media hate 24 hours a day, according to his parents. So he took his own life so that, according to friends, he could “prove a point.”

And Now He’s Gone, And His Parents Hope To Prove A Point


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