Boyan, who is now 23 years old, used the research collected from The Ocean Cleanup and devised a plan. The organization developed a gigantic floating device that will use the ocean’s currents to collect the garbage. Most of the debris found in GPGP is what is referred to as “ghost gear,” which is parts of abandoned and discarded fishing gear like ropes and nets. Research has found that 100,000 marine creatures die every year due to ghost gear. Plastic kills countless seabirds and surface creatures who eat it thinking it is food.

The contraption developed by The Ocean Cleanup is made of 40-foot pipes fitted together to form a long snaking tube. The pipes will be filled with air and will float in an arc on the ocean’s surface. Nylon screens will hang below the pipes forming a “giant floating dustpan.” The currents will then move the debris into the nets. The idea is truly remarkable!

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Source: Young Man Who Said He Could Make The Ocean Clean Itself Was Right by rumblestaff

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