Coco says skating would become like therapy and his escape from the world. He would come home from school, grab his board, and head outside. Coco said he would practice on the sidewalk in front of his house or head to the closest park. When he was skating, he said “life would be okay again.” But because of his blindness, Coco couldn’t learn tricks the traditional way. He would watch the X Games and play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, then use his memory to run the tricks through his head once he was outside.

“While being unique and unorthodox is the most fun way to live, I also picked the kinds of tricks I do because you can really feel and connect with the board, as opposed to looking at it,” Coco explained. “The first few years riding were spent developing a mic of my ever-changing eyes and always-reliable ears. Without my hearing, I’d fail miserably. It gives me the ability to listen and have a field of awareness, not only in front of me but to the sides and behind as well.”

Coco never gave up even when people thought he was crazy for trying to become a pro skater who is blind but he never allowed those voices in, saying: “I just want to show the world that you should never worry about whether or not anyone else thinks you can do something,” Coco said. “If you love doing it or want it bad enough, just do it.”

Watch Coco In Action:

Source: “I hated myself…then I found skating”: Blind man taught himself to skateboard through touch, feel and memory in a bid to fend off depression and inspire the visually impaired by Caters_News

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