If you had the opportunity, and $10-12,000 to spend, to have your brain preserved and uploaded would you do it? You may immediately think, “Yes! That’d be awesome!” Or you may think, “No way, no one needs to know what’s going on in my head.”

If you chose option A, we have some bad news for you. If you went the Option B route, you’re probably going to be glad you made that choice…

You’d have to die in order to make it happen.

This may take a second to wrap your brain around, but billionaire Sam Altman paid a reported $10,000 to be put on a waiting list to have his brain preserved, and yes, they’d have to kill him in order to do it.

“They” are Nectome, a start-up company whose “mission statement” is proudly displayed on the company’s website:

“Committed to the goal of archiving your mind. We’re building the next generation of tools to preserve the connectome. Our ultimate ambition is to keep your memories intact for the future.”

In short, Nectome’s co-founders, Robert McIntyre and Michael McCanna, want to preserve human brains in “microscopic detail using a high-tech embalming process.” They call the process in which this happens being “vitrifixed,” which Nectome says is their term for “turning the brain into glass.”

They’ve successfully preserved a rabbit’s brain in 2016 and a pig’s brain earlier this year, winning prizes from the Brain Preservation Foundation, according to The Guardian.

So who is Altman and why does he want to do this? He’s a 32-year-old Stanford dropout who probably did okay for himself opting out of the university because he’s now a billionaire.

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