No matter how you argue it, no matter how level headed you appear or considerate you are toward the feelings of others, you either are for it or against it. There can’t be any middle ground, especially in today’s “I-Me-Mine” centered society. Either you condone hunting on any level, from putting food on the table to placing trophies in your rumpus room, or you despise the practice with every ounce of your being. Most fall on the side of the latter, looking at the cute deer and regal lions being bagged for sport and spewing vitriol in the direction of those whose passion revolves around the rifle and the kill shot.

This Is Melania Capitan


For Melania Capitan, the threats and critiques became all too much. At 27, the famed big game enthusiast took her own life, citing the constant barrage of complaints across social media as the main reason for such a desperate act. According to the Spanish Federation of Hunting, which is filing criminal complaints against those involved, claims that Capitan received over 3000 hurtful comments, many demanding that she be “beaten” for her actions, or worse, suffer the same fate as one of her prizes.

She Loved To Hunt


In Spain, where Capitan is from, hunting is a right (seriously???) and this is what the SFH is basing their claims on – that the trolls violated this woman’s rights. Granted, she volunteered her recent adventures (and the dead animals that accompanied them) onto the Internet, and made it very clear that, to her at least, hunting was the same as “love, eating, or sleeping.” It was part of who she was.

Then Social Media Decided To Make Her Pay For Her ‘Crimes’


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