Here we are, the first few days into 2018 and there are already predictions the world is going to end in the next 12 months.

Actually, this is nothing new. The “end of world” conspiracists usually start spewing their theories in late November and it carries through the first month of the new year, every year.


Maybe it’s just the holidays affecting lonely people negatively or the shopping frenzy that happens during that time that makes people lose their minds.

Whatever it is, vloggers and bloggers go nuts with their “end of days” ideas.


Nostradamus is the most famous of the predictors, whose scrolls and prophecies were published in 1555 but still sell as books to this day.

The seer made thousands of predictions in his lifetime which have been twisted and molded to fit narratives that people want to believe as true.


There are many who truly believe he successfully predicted the rise of the Third Reich, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and even the election of Donald Trump as POTUS.

Believe what you will in his accuracy, but remember he missed the mark way more than he hit the target.

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