It remains one of the most intense trials of athletic ability. Created by the Japanese and then exported around the world, the notion of finding the “next ninja warrior” has become a cult phenomenon everywhere it’s landed. The US version has been lighting up the ratings board since it began, and with fans flocking to see how the latest wannabe fares, it’s getting more and more popular.

He Plays One On TV



There’s even a celebrity version that showcases the famous faces who take their personal training to the next level. In celebration of the recent Red Nose Day around the world, Arrow star Stephen Amell decided to show off his particular set of physical skills, and the Ninja Warrior course will never be the same.

But Stephen Amell May Well Be A Superhero In Real Life



The actor, who plays a superhero onscreen, proved that he is just as capable of similar Herculean stunts off. For anyone whose seen the competition showcase, the various obstacles do test a human’s ability, agility, and overall athleticism. For Amell, who does a lot of training for this TV show, it has been a dream to attempt the course. So, when he got his chance, he gave it his all, and the results were jaw-dropping.

He Tore Up The Ninja Warrior Course When He Challenged It



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