There is no excuse for abusing the innocent. From children to adults, animals and otherwise, those who would argue that man’s food chain superiority allows him or her to act like a monster is a fallacy at best. We no longer have to hunt and/or gather our food. We just drive down to the local supermarket and pick out what we want. Still, some people have a blood lust that won’t be satisfied unless they are watching the life leech out of some poor defenseless thing.

There Is No Excuse For This


That’s why people who abuse animals are so dangerous. Criminal profilers, for the longest time, have told us that individuals with such an inkling are well on their way to become serial killers. They have to start somewhere, and the neighborhood strays (or the prized pet next door) become an easily accessible target. Before long, the yearning for even bigger prey leads them to a two legged victim.

Or This


Now, law enforcement will have a way of tracking their sick individuals – at least, in Tennessee. The southern stronghold will become one of the first states to introduce a registry for animal abusers. Similar to the ones currently used for sex offenders, this list would be available to police, as well as animal shelters, adoption agencies, and breeders. The easiest way to keep an innocent dog or cat safe is to make sure no one who means them harm has access.

Now, There’s A Call To Keep Track Of Such Fiends


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