When a show called My 600lb Life aired, people were outraged. How can you glorify people who are obese and love to eat? Little do they know that these people are trying to change their lives. Because of their unhealthy lifestyle, they are on the brink of death, so they reach out to doctors who can help them.

The hour-long show follows the medical journeys of obese people attempting to save their own lives. The featured individuals – who weigh over 600 pounds – confront their emotional and physical struggles as they make the decision to undergo high-risk gastric bypass surgery. In addition to changing their appearance, they gain their self confidence back.

Although people recommend diet and exercise, that doesn’t always help if someone is obese. It takes a lot of time to shed the pounds, which is why people turn to surgery for quick results. Take Monica Kinde. She consumed around 6,000 calories a day. She was so big that she couldn’t fit in seats or travel. Because of this, she decided to make a change and spend $25,000 on surgery.

How do you think she looks now? You may or may not be surprised by her results.

Not A Good Reflection


Kinde would eat three fast food meals a day. It was hard for her to walk and she has shortness of breath.

Something Has To Be Done


She wore a 6XL.

Let The Process Begin


Even though she was scared of what surgery would do, she knew it was the only option.

The Excess Skin


Kinde had to buy loose-fitting clothing because of the excess skin that would hang down from her body. She still wasn’t confident enough to show skin.

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Starting To See A Difference…


Doesn’t Even Look Like Her!


You Go Girl!


One Proud Momma


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Kinde lost 285 pounds over the course of three years. She ended up meeting someone, they got married, had a son, and now live happily ever after.

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