From the carnival to the circus, a kid’s party clown or some half-baked comedian, we’ve all seen them. Basic balloon shapes molded and folded into…”things” resembling various known forms. Bows and arrows. Boats and hats. And of course, animals and more animals. Naturally, the “wow” factor is based in how believable the inflatable object looks. A couple of long tubes and a round orb does not necessarily a rabbit make. Instead, we have to use our imaginations a bit to see the poodle from the package of hot dogs – and visa versa.

Not with what Masayoshi Matsumoto creates. The Japanese artist has an amazing ability to take rubber and air and turn them into truly telling masterworks. When this creative force says they are making a snow monkey, or a jumping spider, he means it. Just look at some of the examples of his work that we have features here. Each one is very detailed. Each one is skillfully put together – and YES, each one is made up totally of balloons. You won’t believe your eyes with some of these. Check them out.

A Spider


Look at the detail in the torso.



It’s not easy being green – or making one of these.

A Gibbon


Just hanging around.

Jumping Spider


You’d hate to see that when you turn on the lights at night.

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