Acting – it’s not all elaborate trailers and unlimited trips to a tricked out crafts table. Sure, the salary can be astronomical, and the benefits of such fame and fortune immeasurable, but not everything is accented by the glow of the limelight. Indeed, there are times when performers can be pushed to the brink, and even with a million dollar payday hanging in the balance, they contemplate quitting – not just the movie they are in, but the business all together. Here are 12 times when a moment in a movie or TV series left an actor or actress begging to leave – and the reasons why may shock you. Check them out.

Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead


When her character Maggie was scripted to perform an emergency C-section, the actress initially balked. After discussing it with fellow performer Steven Yeun, she relented and continued on.

Ian McKellen in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Since many of his scenes required him to work along with a greenscreen, the Shakespeare-trained thespian had several on-set breakdowns. Luckily, Peter Jackson was there to ease the angst.

Jim Carrey in How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Considering the elaborate costume the comic had to endure, it’s interesting what pushed him to the breaking point – contact lens. They had to bring in a military torture advisor to help Carrey cope.

Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire


The future superstar hated filming this adaption of Anne Rice’s famous novel so much that he actually wanted to buy out his contract and quit. When he was told it would cost him $40 million, he relented.

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