It’s the main complaint for many who live there. No matter the part of the world or the age of the area, the big city can be bloated with what’s known as urban blight. It’s why the suburbs became so popular in the ’50s. Instead of living in the dirt and grime of a sprawling metropolis, dealing every day with decay and destruction, the outskirts offered a literal breath of fresh air. No outdated infrastructure. No broken down brownstones in desperate need of upkeep. Just manicured lawns, perfect homes, and none of the chaos that can claim a cityscape.

At least one rogue artist is responding to the rot surrounding him in NYC and his actions have received a lot of attention. Tom Bob scours the streets of the Big Apple looking for things that can be “beautified” by his creative cartoon touch. Using what he calls “furniture” like lamp posts, utility terminals, and other everyday inconveniences, he changes them into whimsical, welcoming objects of fun. Check out the gallery included here and see what we mean. It might just get you thinking about a possible relocation.

A Sidewalk Serpent

Someone disapproves.

Hey Mr. Jetson

You left your robot maid’s head here.

Now That’s A Trunk

The nose knows.

One Of The Fab Four

Who doesn’t love Ringo?

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