The real estate market is looking good across the U.S. with many investors believing we are currently in one heck of a seller’s market. This generally means that the seller can keep their asking price high because the demand outweighs the supply, in theory. One ghost town in California is going for less than $1 million, though, and it sounds like quite a deal.

Cerro Gordo, California was established by silver miners in 1867. It’s essentially a ghost town now, but it’s listed at $925,000 which is less than what a house typically costs in San Francisco. According to historians, you’re not just getting an old mining village but you’re getting a piece of the Wild West with it.

The town’s defunct mine was once California’s largest producer of silver and lead and is separated from Los Angeles with a toll road that was specifically built to handle the busy industry. During the 1860s and 1870s, Cerro Gordo was averaging about a murder a week, according to the L.A. Times. The town’s late owner told the Times that “the only sound for miles was the whistle of the wind blowing through all the bullet holes in every building up here.”

Aside from that kind of charm, what else do you get for a million bucks? A website specifically created for the selling of Cerro Gordo ( boasts the buyer will also get more than 300 acres of land, a historic hotel, a saloon, mineral rights, and plenty of peace and quiet. Aside from the whistling of the wind through the bullet holes, that is.

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