So maybe you prefer practicality over adventure. Perhaps this rousing fun fact will have you wrapped…

This car can drive 630 miles on a single charge! How’s that for a “hardcore smackdown to gasoline car?”

Starting to like the sound of this supercar?

It can be all yours for just $200,000! Of course, that is the base price.

If you want any of the extras you can count on paying much more. Just think of all of the money you could save on gas!

The Tesla Roadster is in fact a sports car so you won’t be hauling any kids to soccer practice in this one, but it can seat up to four people.

Two in the front and two in the back should do, huh?

Go ahead and start saving now because this energy efficient ride will be available in 2020.

(Rumor has it, you can preorder one now, if you have it like that.)

The new Tesla is pretty much the coolest but what is even more exciting about the release of this much anticipated alternative to gasoline powered cars, is the potential to change the world.

Musk and his brilliant team at Tesla, SpaceX and a handful of other companies, the engineer has founded are all working to make a difference, to ensure a future, and to reduce our carbon footprint.

This is a supercar, yes. Not everyone can drop $200,00 bucks on a sick ride like this but now we are one step closer. Now we are on the verge of mass producing a technology that could ultimately transform the future of transportation.

And that’s what’s up.


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