Love. We’re all searching for it in one way or another, and unfortunately – it seems to be getting harder and harder to find. Let’s be real, these days, maintaining a romantic relationship can seem like a full time job. One day, it could be Netflix and Chill, and the next it could be ‘come get all your sh*t before I set it on fire.’

With so many people living their life to imitate a corny #baegoals meme, it can be hard to separate the real from the fake.

It Be Like That

So in the word’s of the great one hit wonder, Lyfe Jennings, “I just wanna inform you that when you got somebody good, you hold on to em.”

Must Be Nice…

But how can you tell if your relationship is progressing? Well, just like everything else, relationships have different stages, and if you’re lucky – you’ll make it to the last one.


So what are these stages? You should have already known I wasn’t just gonna leave you hangin’.

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