It’s not a well-kept secret that some kids take longer to move out of their parents’ house. Some of these adults attend college or have fallen on hard times; that’s completely understandable and for the former, having your kid live at home and commute to campus is sometimes financially beneficial for the parents who are paying the tuition. As far as the latter – hey, everyone needs a little help sometimes.

But there is a growing number of adults who have never left or move back home just because. Most people can’t wait to move out and be on their own without living under their parents’ roof and by their rules. Some, apparently, don’t care. Michael Rotondo seems to have a plethora of reasons for why he is 30 and won’t move out. Actually, we should say “wouldn’t” because a judge ordered last week that he had to after his parents took him to court.

Michael was living on his own but lost his job. Of course, this falls into “hard times” category but after eight years, his parents said enough was enough. Yup. Eight years. Michael said that after dropping out of college he got a job, which he wouldn’t disclose, but some sleuth work by Daily Mail found a lawsuit Michael filed against Best Buy for firing him.

Michael claims that he lost custody of his son and had to file as a “poor person” so his court files, in that case, could be waived. Therefore, he couldn’t work because it would compromise his status according to him. He also said he is “too busy to get a job” after his parents begged him repeatedly to.

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