Have you ever visited a place and out of nowhere saw something – a building, a monument, a cemetery – and thought, “Wow, they don’t tell you about that in the travel guide? Thank goodness I’m not alone!”

It may even be a place in the town you live in; maybe that old abandoned house on the other side of town no one really knows the story about, so it’s become an urban legend in your city.

Those places exist all over the globe.

Check out some of the creepiest abandoned structures on the face of the planet that you definitely do not want to visit by yourself.

One of them may even be in your zip code…

Abandoned Domino Sugar Factory, New York

In 2000 what once was the largest sugar refinery in the world closed down after operating since 1882 due to the longest labor strike in the history of the Big Apple. As a result, the factory was left abandoned and today, even the Domino’s sign is creepy.

The Maunsell Sea Forts, England

No, these aren’t some weird form of the Scout Walkers from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back; they are sea forts built to give protection against German air or naval raids during World War II.

The Sunken Yacht, Antarctica

If you’re ever lucky (or daring) enough to travel to Antarctica, the virtually uninhabited continent is home to this creepy Brazilian Yacht called The Mar Sem Fim which means “Endless Sea.” The 76-foot yacht has been frozen in Maxwell Bay near Ardley Cove since it wrecked in 2012.

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