They’ve become part of our everyday language. Thanks to social media, the cellphone, and the communication combination of texts and other messages, we apply them without even thinking. They’ve replaced whole sentences, a single abbreviation taking the place of what was once a complex collection of thoughts. Of course, it seems strange when looking at it from a distance, but perspective can do that. Have you ever stopped to think, however, what you are actually saying? Do you know what all those three and four letter labels means?

Well here’s a primer for those who carelessly toss out a “yolo with their greeting or attempt geek speak via a jpeg or a usb without even considering what they are saying. Granted, many of these have become common knowledge by now, but for the most part, there are a few which have fallen into practice without a lot of explanation. Check out the gallery and see how many of these you knew before this visual lesson.

Some of them are obvious. Others are just obscure enough to warrant a refresher. Together they argue for the literacy, or lack thereof, of today’s high tech “talker.”



And now you know the time, defined.



When you aren’t quite finished with your email/snail mail thought.



Both internal or external (portable).



And now that stack of drives have a nomenclature.

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