As a society, we have to follow rules. Granted, we don’t want to and sometimes the rules don’t even make sense, but alas, unless we want to get grounded, ticketed, or worse we have no choice but to follow them. Sometimes, someone comes along that has a way of cleverly working around the rules without technically breaking them. In this case, we found 21 people who expertly averted getting in trouble while still basically doing what they wanted to in the first place…

1. No Shorts In School Rule

This is becoming a new thing worldwide. Schools are imposing “No shorts” rules so boys are opting for skirts instead.

2. He Really Wanted To See The Game

This fan was banned from the stadium for one year so he rented a crane in order to cheer his team on.

3. This Isn’t What They Meant

There is a rule that dogs are only allowed on the NYC subway if they’re in a carrier so this guy put his dog in a “carrier.”

4. Movie Night

This college doesn’t allow members of the opposite sex in the dorms so this is one couple’s workaround for movie night.

5. No Drinks At The Pool

There’s a sign posted that drinks aren’t allowed at the pool. These guys fastened enough straws together so the drink reached the pool from the balcony.


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