Music is a universal language, a lot like love. In fact, some people believe music is love. It defines individuals and entire cultures. It is used to celebrate, honor, and mourn. For most people, their daily lives are dictated by music – having a good day, bad day, or need a pick me up? There’s a go-to song for all of them. But the music itself is more than just the instruments and vocals. There are artists that write the songs, people who produce the songs, and others of course that perform them.

Aside from that, what do we really know? You know Soundcloud, but did you know that 12 hours of music are uploaded to it every minute? How about how Bono got his name? It was actually a hearing aid store in Dublin called “Bonavox of O’Connell Street.” As much as we think we know about music or who makes it, it turns out there’s a lot we don’t. Check out 18 strange and fascinating music facts you probably didn’t know – and maybe even a few you did!


How very metal! \m/


Just think, if they named their band “The Kings of Leon,” it would have been really coincidental.


After James opened his cheese farm, he’s been hosting an annual food and music festival on the farm called “The Big Feastival” since 2012 with Jamie Oliver.


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