There is no shortage of regret on the Internet and that can’t be more emphasized than when someone gets a bad tattoo. Look, we completely understand that there can be extenuating circumstances for why a tat is bad. Maybe the victim person getting it designed their own and struggles with spelling. Other people may opt to get inked by “a friend of a friend” instead of a licensed artist to save a couple bucks. Sometimes people just make bad decisions that they regret later. The 15 people you are about to see all fall under one of these categories. While we hate to criticize art, it’s kind of hard not to in these circumstances…

1. He Asked For A Copy Of Another Tattoo

And while it’s hard to call this a “copy,” whoever did the ink at least included the nipple. Smh…

2. This Is So Bad It Can’t Be Real

Can it? At least two people had to read this beforehand – you mean to tell us both of them signed off on this? At least they got “lose” right.

3. The Fault In Our Stars

This whole thing is a fault. This is supposed to be stars. What she got was a bunch of dots on her chest.

4. There’s Really Nothing Wrong With This One

It’s just really bizarre.

5. Why?

It’s just so creepy. Kind of funny, but mostly creepy.


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