6. Miley Cirus…Sort Of

In no way, shape, or form would anyone know that’s who this tattoo is a portrait of without telling them. And even after you tell them, it’s hard to believe.

7. “Hey Girl…”

“…You know I never look this bad.”

8. Here Come The Tigers!

People get inked with portraits, words, images that have meaning to them so we won’t criticize someone for wanting a tattoo of a tiger’s head floating on purplish-pink band-aids, but we do have to question the skill of the artist because this just isn’t very good.

9. Smh

What else can you do but shake your head?

10. We’d Hate To See What The Other Guy Looked Like…

Seriously, from the black eye to the dislocated jaw, this tiger got the s&%$ kicked out of him by something or someone.


Source – All Images

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