The thing about perception is that not everyone has the same one. What one person perceives to be offensive, someone else could shrug and say “So what?”

The same can be said for people’s tolerance for looking at certain images. What you may find completely disgusting, your best friend may have no problem taking a peak.

However, despite all of this, there are some images that most people find hard to look at – not because they’re gross or disturbing but because they just happen to be universally cringey for one reason or another.

Not all of these 15 photos will elicit the same response in everyone but they will be there’s a good chance you’ll cringe when you see them.

1. Nails On A Chalkboard

This is considered one of those universal cringworthy images because most people immediately think of the sound of nails scratching a chalkboard, which is one of the worst noises ever!

2. Hair Caught In A Seatbelt

Really, the pain of a few strands of hair getting caught in a seatbelt or zipper is unfathomable until it happens to you. Then it becomes something you’ll never forget.

3. Massive Creepy Crawly

Even if this is a fake bug (Centipede? Milipede? No Thank Youpede?), just the thought of it crawling on most people will make them shudder.


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