Tattoos were once considered taboo and only reserved for sailors, bikers, musicians, and cultures on the other side of the world. At least, that was the thought in the early 20th century. As time progressed, so did people’s tolerance of body art. Now, people of all shape, color, and profession have ink. You can find tattoos on teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, financial advisors and so on.

Getting a tattoo won’t keep you from getting into college or for landing your dream job. Not in most cases anyway. As society’s acceptance of tattoos evolved, so has the art itself. The famed “Mom <3” tat has become a full-scale portrait of the woman who raised you. Some designs are so intricate, it’s hard to fathom someone could even tattoo them on someone’s body. The locations of where the ink gets done have changed a lot too.

Back in the day, body art was done on people’s arms. In 2018, you can find them anywhere on a body that has skin that needs color. One of the most popular trends is spine tattoos, which are exactly how they sound. As painful as they may be, some of the results are nothing short of amazing. Take a look at 15 of perfect ideas for spine tattoos in case you were thinking about getting one or just want to take a peek…


Artist: Pis Saro
Shop: N/A

Pis Saro is based in Russia and specializes in botanical tattoos.


Artist: Hongdam
Shop: N/A

Hongdam is a South Korean artist in Seoul who is so sought-after, he is fully booked for the rest of the year.


Artist: Pis Saro
Shop: N/A

Another one of Pis Saro’s works of art.


Artist: Okanuckun
Shop: Bang Bang Tattoo

This artist uses simple lines to get the point across. Based in NYC, Okanuckun features many science-themed tats on their Instagram page.


Artist: Szymon Gdowicz
Shop: Kult Tattoo Fest

Szymgo, as this artist is known in Poland, specializes in bold colors and thick black lines. The two techniques come together flawlessly in designs like this one.

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